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Our Blog-versary, A Blogging Anniversary

We have learned so much this past year; through getting additional businesses off the ground and making each flourishing to success. A large portion of our time is utilized to maintain the great relationships we have with our customers and to make sure they are happy with the end design we have so thoughtfully crafted for them.

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Action Packed Planning

Although it may be fun for a while to fly by the seat of your pants on a pant-plane headed to success island, it’s not always practical and can become overwhelming, overbearing and a challenge to do on a daily basis. Find out how to get and maintain control of your business from the start.

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Ways to Save and Reap Rewards

As an entrepreneur, whether you are starting your business or have been in business for years, spending your money wisely and saving as much as possible while getting the maximum amount of revenue is at the top of everyone’s list. Here are 10 tips on spending wisely to get the job done that will also leave money in your pocket.

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A Gift in Disguise – Being Laid Off

Many might think that being laid off is one of the most drastic, life-altering events that could happen in your professional career. I happen to think otherwise. I have been given one of the greatest gifts that an entrepreneurial girl with high success aspirations could imagine. I have been given the opportunity (and time…lots and lots of time) to get my company, TenLeaf Studios up and running, full steam ahead on this glorious route to massive success and profit.

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