Many might think that being laid off is one of the most drastic, life-altering events that could happen in your professional career. I happen to think otherwise. I have been given one of the greatest gifts that an entrepreneurial girl with high success aspirations could imagine. I have been given the opportunity (and time…lots and lots of time) to get my company, TenLeaf Studios up and running, full steam ahead on this glorious route to massive success and profit. So thank you to those who have given me this opportunity (you know who you are) and may you also reach success and find happiness in your choices.

For those of you who are finding yourself in the same unemployed boat and are located in Arizona, visit to get your unemployment check coming in while you start to plan and develop your strategies for getting your own business up and running.

If you need inspiration and motivation to get you moving in the right direction – email me, comment, contact and follow me on social media as we go through this fun entrepreneurial journey together. I’ll be positing more information that will help you along the way and I plan on publishing several social media workbook/guides for you too. They’ll have the in’s and out’s of making social media work for you! After all social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube) is FREE advertising and the easiest way to see your clients word-of-mouth recommendations for your business.

Saddle up and follow your dreams cowboys and girls. Yeehaw!