It is always better to be safe than sorry and with a business, although it may be fun and possible for a while to fly by the seat of your pants in success, it’s not always practical and can become overwhelming, overbearing and a challenge to do on a daily basis.

The key to overcoming this monstrous obstacle is forecasting and planning.  If you are uncertain with making predictions of the industry your business is in, plan ahead in smaller chunks, or quarters.  This can be anything from your budget to advertising, allotting time for meetings to supply orders.

Notice where you are putting majority of your time and money on a monthly basis; how much are you spending on supplies, tradeshows, or printed marketing pieces? Are you holding meeting outside of the office, rather than in and is it causing you to run behind or miss scheduled appointments?

The solution is to plan and take it one subject at a time. Majority of us have jumped on the smart phone bandwagon and have full access to so many applications that will help make our lives as business owners easy.  Also, now that we are entering into a new year, we have the ability to look back at our businesses performance and compare budget, objectives that were met and based on the information you already have, start plotting out your new goals and objectives for the upcoming year.  You can do this and it is easier than you think!