Hosting & Support

Website builds are not “set and forget”. You need to partner with a web development company that can provide ongoing support. Tenleaf Studios provides this with our in-house support team to ensure you are protected in the event of an issues arising with your site as well as advancements in browsers.

Mission Critical Hosting.

Tenleaf Studios’s client-base includes councils, financial service providers, and emergency services – all of which have websites that simply can not go down. They depend on WISDOM’s reliable hosting services and so can you. Tenleaf Studios has multiple levels of hosting available depending on the scale and complexity of hosting required. We use Managed Cloud Tier 1 web servers with up to 99.995% uptime SLA (Service Level Agreement) guarantees. We develop critical website hosting solutions with 24×7 Advanced monitoring of the server, database and application, fully managed public or private cloud solutions, based on AWS and VMware, strong uptime SLA’s covering the entire production platform stack, and ongoing Project Management to ensure consistent service levels.

Additional managed services are also available including managed firewalls, load balancing, host management, 24×7 host down response, server and website monitoring, and enterprise managed backup.

Scalable Hosting Environment.

As your website grows in popularity and traffic, to/from the sites, your storage and performance may meed upgrading.Tenleaf Studios’s quality hosting servers can be easily upscaled. We can also upgrade your server for specific periods of increased traffic such as during a campaign, an event or over any busy times where abnormal heavy traffic is expected.



Tenleaf Studios’s web & technical support team are on-hand to address any issues that may arise. We provide client technical support via our Online Support Ticketing System where support tickets can be logged anytime and can be tracked by you. You can also phone during business hours 8.30am – 5.00pm EST. Typical turnaround for a minor issue is 0.5 – 2 hours.