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With an unwavering passion, through opened doors and overcome hurdles, our true calling was found.

In 2006, we were given the opportunity to architect a marketing department from the ground up. It was with this opportunity that we knew we had found our calling.  Everything we had grown to love; art, economics, marketing and advertising, came together and helped create businesses that thrived. Throughout the years, we’ve fine-tuned our artistic talents, continuously built upon our skill sets, and have gained invaluable partnerships to create TenLeaf Studios. Today, we are a fast-paced creative agency focused on marketing, strategy and design for non-profits, agencies, and small to medium sized businesses…and we still love every minute of it.

Our name comes from a mix between our founder’s quick-witted response for the spelling of her name, “I’m a ‘ten’ not a ‘tin’,” and the inspiration from her late Grandmother’s teachings and love of leaves (Thanks, Grandma!). The twist is that a “leaf” is also known as a single piece of paper.  Like any marketing endeavor or word of mouth referral, all you need is one to create awareness that catches on like wildfire.


Strategists, Designers + Creatives

“I’ve had a passion for creativity ever since I was young; anything I could do to boost the ordinary — I was smitten. After graduating college, I focused on the development of consulting and design for other entrepreneurs. My passion had blossomed into creating branding and marketing concepts that helped others succeed, and I had fallen in love with watching other companies thrive with the designs I helped create. Being an artist at heart with a background in business, I’ve grown extremely fond of helping others, inspiring them, and watching their companies flourish.”

Kristen’s educational background and work experience include: Advertising, Graphic Design, Marketing Consulting and Social Media Analysis, with an emphasis on Business Strategies. In 2006 she graduated from the University of Akron in Akron, Ohio with a bachelors degree in Advertising, and a minor in International Business.

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Jenny Talbot


Meet Jenny Talbot.  Jenny is passionate about web design. She prides herself in creating striking WordPress websites that are SEO friendly, user friendly and easy to manage on the backend. Jenny not only builds websites for businesses, but builds friendships and becomes part of their team by becoming completely invested in each project from the time it starts to the time it is finished.  Contact Us today to see what Jenny can do for you and your company.


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"...a great resource for small business and entrepreneurs by helping you envision your brand and marketing in more depth and breadth than you thought you could"

Peter Burns | Principal + Founder, Perryman Burns

"...creativity and graphic design talent are boundless...always aims to go above and beyond!"

Jodi Low | Founder + CEO, U & Improved

"...approaches each new design project with a fresh and perceptive eye and carefully considers the goals from both the client and audience perspectives."

Lisa Kasanicky | Brand Strategist, Content Creator, Author, Editor, Relaxation Curator, Arizona Spa Girls

"...always professional, courteous, and trustworthy. More importantly, she really knows her stuff."

John Holling | Co-Founder at Foodealio

"...attention to detail, customer service and overall accuracy and precision."

Lisa Mead | Founder at Arizona Women in Healthcare

"…enhancing your business in ways that few can provide."

Peter Burns | Principal + Founder, Perryman Burns

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